Player's Pledge

This is the FDA Players Pledge.


  • greet and say goodbye to teammates, coaches & parents.
  • are fair to teammates, opponents, coaches, officials & fans.
  • celebrate our victories and learn from our defeats.
  • always do our best at practice and in matches.
  • follow our coaches instructions.
  • place family, health and school above soccer.
  • place the teams objectives above our personal desires.
  • live and love soccer.
  • are motivated to learn: I want to get better.
  • are self-confident: I trust myself to use my abilities.
  • are fair: I do unto others.
  • are team players: I’m nothing without my teammates.
  • are loyal: I play for FDA.
  • are open to honest assessment of our performance: I know my coach wants to help me to improve.
  • are creative: I have my own ideas and I share them.