Academy FAQs

What is the FDA Academy?

The FDA Academy is the highest level of youth player development, specifically involving players from U8 – U18.

How many players will be selected for the FDA teams?

10-15 players will be invited to participate in each player pool each year.

How will players be selected?

Players will be evaluated and selected using a variety of methods, ranging from trials and player identification through the FDA affiliate relationships and networks throughout western Sydney.

Have next season's tryout dates, times and locations been finalized?

Yes. Trials are ongoing throughout the summer period. Click here to apply.

How will the FDA experience differ from a typical club setting?

FDA is the best environment for player development, one designed to replicate a professional level. It offers top caliber instruction, competition and facilities, along with exposure to a far greater network of collegiate, professional, and international team coaches.

Who will coach the FDA teams?

FDA teams will be under the direction of FDA’s Academy Director, Cormac Begley, and the FDA Academy coaching team. All coaches must have the FDA specific "A" license or equivalent.

Who will FDA teams compete against?

FDA players will compete in inter academy and district competitions throughout our season which runs from the end of January to December each year.

Can FDA players play for other clubs or their high school teams?

Participation with other clubs teams is not allowed. High School football participation is permitted.

Have any professional players been produced?

Yes. Since 2007, a number of former FDA players are now professionals playing in Germany and the USA. 

How do the players produced by FDA compare to other programs in the Australia?

Extremely well. FDA is regarded as one of the very best player development systems in the country.

Where will FDA teams train? How often do they train?

FDA trains at the King’s School in North Parramatta, Sydney and at Sydney Olympic Park. Trainings are held 2 times per week and players are required to attend all trainings unless the coaches are notified. Match days are scheduled on weekends.

When will FDA teams begin to train?

Preparation for the new season will begin in October each year. There will be approximately a one month break in December/January for the summer holiday period.

When will matches begin?

FDA teams train and play matches all year round.

Can FDA players participate in other sports?

FDA is the program for players who are extremely committed and focused on reaching their highest potential level. Given the time commitment, participation in other sports is typically not possible – this is especially true at the U15/16 and U17/18 levels.