Corporate FAQs

What format are the FDA Corporate Football tournaments?

The events are always a 7-a-side form with a maximum of 10 players per squad. All matches are played on 60 X 40 metre mini field with reduced size 5 X 2 metre goals. Standard FIFA rules apply including offside. The tournaments are outdoor and are played on grass pitches.

How do I register a team?

All teams must register online. Detailed information on the costs associated with entering a specific tournament are available in the Event Listing section of the website. Packages and inclusions vary depending on the event.

Can mixed teams enter the tournaments?

Yes. We encourage mixed teams to take part and encourage companies to promote the tournament to male and female employees and players with regards to taking part.

How does the fundraising component of the events work?

Each year FDA selects a charity to work with in conjunction with our events. In the lead up to the events we host a fundraising championship with prizes for the top fundraisers.

Can I reserve a team while I am confirming my squad and seeking internal company approval to participate?

Yes. You can reserve a team for your company. A team space will be reserved for 7 business days while you confirm all of the details for participation internally.