Information for Parents

Checklist - Has your child packed everything they need for a happy day at the FDA Football Camps?

  • Cap - it is important to bring a cap for use in hot and sunny conditions.
  • Appropriate sporting attire - Players must wear their full green FDA Adidas training kit for the duration of the camp.
  • Appropriate footwear - Players are required to wear their football/soccer boots for all FDA Football Camp training.
  • Sunscreen - please make sure your child applies sunscreen BEFORE you arrive. We will encourage players to re-apply throughout the day
  • Shin guards
  • Healthy food - kids get really hungry with the physical activity that they do during the day. A lunch box packed with healthy food will help get them maintain their energy levels throughout the day.
  • Water bottle - essential for hydration during physical activity and hot weather

Please make sure your child does NOT have:

  • Money - there is no canteen facility available
  • Any foods that contain peanuts - we have children that attend the program who are allergic to peanuts
  • Hand held computer games, phone, iPod, swap cards or small toys. We cannot be responsible for lost, stolen or broken items, so please leave them at home.
  • Expensive clothing - please clearly label all items of clothing and check the lost property table each day if items are misplaced.


Parking is available onsite at the FDA Football Camp venue, on the grounds of The King's School.

Drop off and Pick up times

Drop off time: 8.45am-8.55am (Training starts on time at 9am each day)

Pick up time: 1:00pm-1:15pm (Training finishes at 1pm each day)

Please note that our program is running to a very busy schedule so pick-up's and drop off's outside these times interrupt the flow of the program. Your help with this matter is appreciated.