The Official FDA Football Camps offer not only the best on the field in terms of training preparation, but off the field as well. Over 8 years of experience running school holiday soccer programs for kids means that no detail is missed, from contact with parents before, during, and after camp to off-field supervision and care. Our local staff members boast extensive knowledge of their roles as well as training and experience working with soccer players and their families.

Train Like Champions - Whether you are looking to improve your skills, take your game to the next level or earn a place on your club or school soccer team, the official FDA Soccer Camp will help you reach your potential and achieve your goals. FDA has specific programs for beginners, intermediate and advanced players led by coaches from FDA’s Academy program.

A Proven Methodology - Players will have privileged access to the very same games, drills, and methodology as the FDA Academy youth teams. Specialized training and individual attention from one coach for every 10 players maximizes the progression of each player during the camp. Coaches are overseen by experienced technical directors and work on all aspects of the game: technical, tactical, physical, and psychological.

Pitch Perfect - Play on some of the finest fields available at our training venue based at the Sydney Olympic Park, Athletics Centre. The Official FDA Football Camps offer players the chance to perfect their game on world-class playing surfaces. And of course, all of our facilities have direct access to water, shade, and indoor sports halls if required.

FDA Football Camp Programs

The FDA Camp soccer programs are designed to help our U8 - U16 year old participants get better in the following key areas of their game:

  • Improve technical precision
  • Improve game intelligence
  • Increase speed and agility
  • Gain strength and power
  • Improve flexibility and balance
  • Develop mental toughness
  • Improve tactical understanding