...We first heard about FDA through a flyer, which my son Karim brought home from school. He insisted on attending the FDA school holiday programme during the April school holidays (2010). He LOVED it (he also thought the uniform was fabulous) and was wrapped that he could join the Junior Development Programme. It is six months later and he still loves his training sessions, insists on attending the school holiday training programmes and Karim is super excited about the winter competition.

I can see a big improvement in his skills but most importantly his outlook towards the game has changed. It is not about scoring the most goals anymore; it is now
about teamwork, camaraderie and developing as a group. After a training session he will not only tell me what he thinks he improved in but also how he feels a teammate has improved. At FDA you are teaching my son the importance of good attitude; the appreciation of achieving; the love of learning and what teamwork is all about. As a parent I don’t think I can ask for more.

Emmeke, Mother of Karim (formerly JDP, now FDA Academy)

"...I would like to thank all FDA staff for their true professionalism shown throughout. All of the staff carry out their duties in the highest standard and produce a great camaraderie with the boys. Since joining the FDA squad my son has a totally changed training attitude and looks forward to each and every session. It is a credit to the coaches how they can continue to provide totally different sessions each time and I believe this goes a long way to eliminating staleness with a team. The standard and quality of the coaching provided at FDA is unparalleled and this is evident in the standard of the boys..."

C. G., father of Liam (FDA Academy)

"As one of the new faces I would like to say thanks for all of your and your fellow trainers efforts thus far. Not only has Alex improved so much in only a short period but his enthusiasm and enjoyment of the game has increased as well. It is one thing to teach the game to kids but to keep them having fun and letting them enjoy the game is another and you and your team do that well, congratulations."

Shaun S. father of Alex (JDP)

"...Just wanted to say to the FDA team THANK YOU SO MUCH. Ben has been
absolutely loving this Academy, and we just wish we found out about you a
couple of years earlier. So thanks for all your hard work and for making it
such fun for him. He also loves the fact that for once he is training with
kids of similar ability to him..."

W.G, mother of Ben (FDA Academy)

“…My son has now been with FDA for three years. During this time the level of the coaching has been of the highest standard. The coaches themselves have played at a high level and that comes through to the boys in their coaching abilities and sessions. Every session is different and enjoyable. My son loves to train with the academy and always comes home satisfied, happy and eager for the next session. It is not just kicking the ball around, they teach them how to play and understand the position that they play. I would like to thank the FDA staff for all they do and the professionalism they show...”

Michael – Jack’s Dad  (FDA Academy)

"...I'd like to thank FDA for the excellent coaching and facilities you have. It's a credit that you do have this sort of professionalism and coaching available to not only the elite players, but also to up and comers needing that bit of extra guidance..."

R.M., father of Sebastian (JDP)

"...The boys have improved immensely both from a technical perspective and more importantly of an appreciation of how the beautiful game should be played and enjoyed. I thank all the coaches, Cormac, Robbie and Omar for that, it is a great foundation for the boys."
F.H., father of Will and Philip








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