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The Art of 7-a-side World Cup tournament football

Posted 3 Apr 2012 12:00PM

We look forward to seeing the corporate teams (including Macquarie Bank, Cisco, VMware, Westfield, Salesforce.com, Konica Minolta, Egencia, Schenker Australia and many others) in action at the upcoming 2012 International chambers of commerce world cup in Sydney and Melbourne.

This annual event is a very enjoyable business networking day out for everyone. However when the first round of games kick off, teams will be very competitive and determined to progress as a far as possible towards lifting the FIFA World Cup replica trophy. To help teams get the most out of each game and the tournament here are some notes on setting up your team tactically for success:

#1 - The Keeper - A designated keeper is all important. The 5 X 2 metre goals encourage plenty of shooting from the opposition. Offside is also in for all games so sweeping behind your central defenders will reduce the risk of conceding from the dreaded long ball to a speedy centre forward.

#4 + #5 - Central Defenders- These central defenders are the keys to your clean sheets. It's important that they hold their position and don't wander away from their central zone. The discipline of their positioning will slow down opposition attacks and make your team difficult to break down.

#2 + #3 - The Wing Backs - These players will need to be the fittest members on your team as they will combine support play in wide attacking areas while also providing defensive cover when your team is under pressure.

#10 - The Playmaker - To control the game you'll need your Playmaker to receive the ball in tight situations and pass well. They will also need to track back and get behind the ball with the rest of the team when the opposition is in possession.

#9 - The Striker - Your striker will win you games through good finishing and also by holding up the ball effectively. The striker operates in a lone role in 7-a-side football so they must be strong with their back to goal and look for well timed layoffs to your play maker and wing backs.

#12,#13 - The Subs - Effective use of the rolling substitutions rule will help your team last the pace for the duration of the tournament. Make sure to rotate all of your players regularly to keep the squad fresh for the crunch games in the knock out rounds.



Now it's over to you to assess who plays where at the World Cup!