International Tours

FDA has formed a partnership with the youth academy at Bundesliga club, Vfl Wolfsburg, to provide our coaches, players and parents with the ultimate reference in junior football development.

Germany is leading the way in world football with a youth development structure that is facilitating the development of youth players who are progressing to the very top of the professional game.

FDA facilitates coaching visits from Vfl Wolfsburg to our academy in Sydney to offer our players the unique experience of training under the guidance of top Bundesliga youth coaches.

In addition, FDA organises an international tour of Germany biennially which offers players and parents the unique opportunity to experience life at one of the top German Bundesliga clubs.

Over the course of the 10 day tour our teams get to train at the state of art Vfl Wolfsburg training facilities, play matches against the clubs youth sides, work with their coaches and meet the first team for photos and autographs.

The group will also have the opportunity to the tour the ‘Wolves” home ground at the Volkswagen Arena and get to watch a first team Bundesliga match at the stadium.

Vfl Wolfsburg keeps in regular contact with FDA each year to monitor the progress of our players and teams.

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